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Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. has designed a Supplier Certification and Management Program.  It will help prepare you to manage all of your procurement activities efficiently and effectively.  Areas of concern to you are:

         Supply Chain Management

         Outsourcing or Offshoring

         Just-in-Time (JIT) Procurement

         Investment and overhead required for your Supplier Certification and Management Process

You no longer need to accept the high costs of supplier and internal procurement inefficiencies.  Our supplier quality system is designed to maintain high quality in products from your suppliers at lower cost to you.  Our system is directed at:

         Maximizing the effectiveness of supplier quality organizations

         Continuous improvements in methods and products

         Reducing your quality costs by making better use of the resources that you and your suppliers have

Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. provides the documentation you need to design and implement your Supplier Certification and Management Program.  Due to its unique design, your documentation can be uploaded to your company web site and viewed through a web browser or any Smartphone.  You can collaborate with your suppliers and team members anywhere in the world. 

As your supplier management program matures, you will be able to reduce and eventually eliminate receiving inspection and pass incoming material directly to stock.  The level of receiving inspection will be based on the importance of the item and the suppliers’ control methods and performance. 

Need to comply with FDA CFR 21 Part 820?


 In addition to being a world-class supplier management program, our Supplier Certification and Management Program also meets the requirements of FDA CFR 21 Part 820.50 Purchasing Controls.


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Sample Program



If you would like to install a comprehensive Supplier Certification and Management Program but want a better understanding of what we offer, may we suggest our "Supplier Evaluation Kit."  This kit is an important building block in our Supplier Certification and Management Program and includes everything you need to evaluate suppliers:



         Excel Supplier Comparison Matrix template

Use this kit prior to making purchases and avoid the costly mistake of awarding business to the wrong suppliers.  Our Supplier Evaluation Kit is available for only $89.  Should you decide to install our Supplier Certification and Management Program later, the kit is designed for easy installation in your program, and we will deduct the full $89 from the program cost.  

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Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Are you a US importer of food for humans or animals?  Will you need to comply with the FDA's Final Rule - Foreign Supplier Verification Programs?  Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. has designed a Foreign Supplier Verification Program.  It will help you in the development and implementation of your program efficiently and effectively.  Our pre-written program contains a manual, which includes 13 procedures and 26 forms that you may customize for your company.  You will receive sensible procedures which will save you months of documentation time, at a reasonable price.

 FSVP Sample

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This course provides an overview of the purpose of food management systems and interprets the ISO 22000 requirements.  It will also cover the documentation, audit questions, and the steps involved for certification.  The ISO 22000 Food safety management system specifies organization requirements on how to consistently provide safe products.  The purpose of it is to help organizations be capable of controlling the food safety hazards in order to ensure that the food is safe for human consumption. This is applicable to all organizations involved in any aspect of the food chain, regardless of their size.


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Inventory Management and Lot Tracking Software for Food 

AO: Rapid Inventory simplifies lot number tracking. If you are a food and beverage distributor and/or manufacturer, you understand the importance of having total control over your supply chain. Using an inventory management system that supports lot number tracking is the first and most important step in controlling the supply chain. Lot traceability is enhanced by an inventory management system that can effectively receive, move, and ship your product while efficiently and accurately recording lot numbers at the box or pallet level. This is possible without the integration of an advanced system, but the labor, time, and energy costs of capturing lot data increase exponentially when done without a wireless bar code scanning solution. AO: Rapid Inventory™ simplifies lot number tracking into an easy step in the standard receiving and picking process. In addition, in the case of a recall, Rapid Inventory provides easy functionality for tracking which sales orders contained the recalled items. Free 30 day trial. 

Supplier Auditor Training

You can conduct supplier auditor training yourself, you may purchase our "Supplier Auditor Training Kit" for only $149. This material will significantly reduce your training costs. The kit includes a PowerPoint presentation and exercises and forms in MS Word format. You can familiarize yourself with the material and teach the rest of your auditing team using this kit.

Course Outline


         Auditing Approach and Auditor Skills

         Audit Participants

         Responsibilities and Audit Schedule

         The Audit Plan


         Corrective Action 

         Documents and Records 

         Audit Strategies 

         Developing Auditor Expertise

         Developing a Documentation Survey 

         Audit Team Planning

         Conducting the Audit

         The Supplier Audit Report

         Management Reviews

         Follow-up Audits



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