Corrective Action Request


CAR (NMR) Number_______

To:                                                                               From:

Issue Date:                                                                 Effective Date:

Comments (Optional):


You are requested to review the discrepancies on the attached NMR, check related products for potential problems and provide a written response on page 2 of this form within 10 working days of request date.


1. Use the Team Approach (List names and titles of all personnel who participated in the problem resolution):


2. Problem Description (Provide a brief description of the problem.):


3. Containment and Short Term Corrective Action (Identify the number of lots involved and short term action taken, i.e. 2 lots. in stock - 100% tested - 3 units scrapped, etc.):


4. Define and Verify Root Cause (Report the true root cause - not to be confused with a symptom.  Ask the question "why" until a true root cause is established.):


5. Implement and Verify Permanent Corrective Action (Identify the fix and report what was done to verify the problem has been resolved., i.e. checked 5 lots. and all were found to be within specification.):


6. Prevent Recurrence (Identify what prevention measures have been incorporated to ensure the problem does not re-occur.):


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 GMP Food Safety Manual

 Food Safety Manual for Catering