ISO 17024 Management System Manual

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Table of Contents

1.0 Scope 
2.0 References 
3.0 Terms and Definitions 
4.0 General Requirements 
    4.1 Legal Matters
    4.2 Responsibility for Decision on Certification 
    4.3 Management of Impartiality
    4.4 Finance and Liability

5.0 Structural Requirements 
Management and Organization Structure 
5.2 Structure of the Certification Body in Relation to Training
6.0 Resource Requirements 
  6.1 General Personnel Requirements
6.2 Personnel Involved in the Certification Activities
6.3 Outsourcing
  6.4 Other Resources
7.0  Records and Information Requirements
    7.1 Records of Applicants, Candidates and Certified Persons 
    7.2 Public Information
    7.3 Confidentiality
7.4 Security
8.0 Certification Schemes
9.0  Certification Process Requirements
    9.1 Application Process
    9.2 Assessment Process
    9.3  Examination Process
9.4 Decision on Certification
    9.5 Suspending, Withdrawing, or Reducing the Scope of Certification
    9.6 Recertification Process
9.7 Use of Certificates, Logos, and Marks
    9.8 Appeals Against Decisions  on Certification
    9.9 Complaints
    10.1 General
10.2 General Management System Requirements



XYZ Certification Body recognizes its responsibility as provider of quality services.  To this end, XYZ Certification Body has developed and documented a management system to better satisfy the needs of its customers and to improve management of the organization. The management system complies with the international standards ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

This manual has been prepared to define the management system, establish responsibilities of the personnel affected by the system, and to provide general procedures for all activities comprising the management system.  In addition, this manual is utilized for the purpose of informing our customers and suppliers of the management system, and what specific controls are implemented to assure service quality.

5.0 Structural Requirements

5.1 Management and Organization Structure

5.2.1 XYZ Certification Body operations are organized to safeguard impartiality.

5.2.2 XYZ Certification Body has documented its organizational structure, including the duties and responsibilities of its personnel, and authorities of management. 

The organization of XYZ Certification Body is illustrated in Figure 1.

7.0 Records and Information Requirements

7.1 Records of Applicants, Candidates, and Certified Persons

7.1.1 XYZ Certification Body maintains records of all certified persons.  The records attest to the effective implementation of the certification process.  The records include application forms, examination results, assessment reports, and any other relevant documents pertaining to the granting, maintaining, recertifying, expanding and reducing the scope, and suspending or withdrawing certifications. 

7.3 Confidentiality

7.3.1  XYZ Certification Body has documented and maintains a Control of Customer Information Procedure for the maintenance and release of customer information. 

7.3.2  XYZ Certification Body keeps confidential all information obtained during the certification process. These arrangements cover all personnel and are covered through legal agreements. 

7.4 Security

7.4.1 XYZ Company has developed and maintains a policies and procedures necessary to ensure security throughout the entire certification process.  It has measures in place to implement corrective actions in the event a security breach should occur.

7.4.2 Security policies and procedures include provisions to ensure the security of examination materials. 

For details, refer to the Security Procedure.  

8.0 Certification Schemes

8.1 XYZ Certification Body has a scheme for each category of certification.

Corrective Action Procedure

1.1 Corrective actions may be requested when a condition, which is adverse to quality or which has the potential for process improvement is identified.  This includes nonconforming supplies/services received from a supplier. 

1.2 Any employee of the company can initiate a corrective/preventive action request by completing the top portion of the Corrective Action Request (CAR) form.

1.3 All corrective actions start with an investigation to determine the root cause(s) of the problem.  A thorough analysis of all related processes, operations, quality records, and specifications, which may have contributed to the deficiency, is conducted by the responsible function.  All potential corrective actions are identified and the action(s) most likely to eliminate the problem and to prevent recurrence is selected.  The investigation and analysis of the root cause and preventive measures shall be fully documented by the group or individual assigned to the problem.  The analysis shall include review of all applicable data to determine the extent and cause of the problem and analysis of trends in processes or performance of work to prevent nonconformities.

1.4 All problems are evaluated in terms of potential impact on quality, performance, safety, and customer satisfaction.  All problems are classified as either minor or major.  Resolutions to all corrective and preventive actions are to a degree appropriate to the magnitude and the risk of the problem.  Resolutions are reviewed and approved by the Quality Manager and/or Technical Manager.  Where the response is unsatisfactory, the corrective action request is re-issued.  The Quality Manager conducts periodic reviews/follow up to determine if the corrective and preventive actions have been implemented and are effective.

1.5 Every effort is made to ensure that the customer’s concerns are assuaged.  If certification results are affected, then the customer is notified in writing.

1.6 Where the identification of nonconformities or departures casts doubts on compliance with policies and procedures, or with ISO/IEC 17024, appropriate areas of activity are audited in accordance with the Internal Audits Procedure as soon as possible.  This is typically only necessary when a serious issue or risk to the business is identified.

Note:  Paragraph numbering in the above sample is for illustration purposes only.  The numbering in the actual product may differ.

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