ISO Internal Auditor Training for 
Small Business

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Course Description

ISO Internal Auditor Training for Small Business provides students with the necessary skills for conducting internal audits in a small business environment. Internal audits are an ISO requirement and must be conducted by qualified personnel.  This one-day course is an ideal starting point toward understanding what is needed to properly conduct internal audits in your organization.  You will learn practical, proven techniques for planning, conducting, and reporting on internal quality audits.  


A basic understanding of the applicable ISO management system requirements.    

Course Outline

·         Introduction

·         Auditing Approach and Auditor Skills

·         Audit Participants

·         Responsibilities and Audit Schedule

·         The Audit Plan

·         Communications 

·         Corrective Action 

·         Documents and Records 

·         Audit Strategies 

·         Developing Auditor Expertise

·         Developing a Documentation Survey 

·         Audit Team Planning

·         Conducting the Audit

·         The Internal Audit Report

·         Management Reviews

·         Follow-up Audits

·         Conclusion

This course is available in two formats as described below. 

ISO Internal Auditor Training (Computer-Based)

The ISO Internal Auditor Training allows you to obtain highly effective and comprehensive training on your computer (unlimited number of students).  This computer-based training is self-paced and allows the students to work through the training at their convenience without an instructor.

The participants will be able to work at their own pace, and may test their progress by taking quizzes throughout the course.  Upon successful completion of the quizzes (75%), the student may print a Training Certificate.  This course is available for only $249.00, and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.  The downloadable file is in zipped format (2.44 MB).

Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 - 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

·         Flash Player 7 or higher

·    1 Ghz processor (1.6 Ghz recommended)

·         Windows-compatible sound card

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If you prefer to conduct ISO internal auditor training yourself,  you may purchase our "ISO Internal Auditor Training for Small Business Kit" for only $149. This material was designed for small businesses, and will significantly reduce your training costs. The kit includes a PowerPoint presentation and exercises and forms in MS Word format. You can familiarize yourself with the ISO internal auditing process using the computer-based training described above and teach the rest of your auditing team using this kit.

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