New Product Development and Introduction Process Overview Training

New product development and introduction is a major concern of all companies at any time and is especially so for small businesses. There are many real challenges and opportunities today for companies in viable alternative fuels, energy efficient transportation, and in making better use of the resources and equipment that we have, but the path is particularly hazardous today with the increased financial pressures, global market considerations, and off shore manufacturing. The successful development and introduction of the “right” product or service can mean the difference between your company’s continued success and growth and its decline and failure. As always, you must develop the right product or service for your market, get it right the first time, and do it on time and within budget.

The New Product Development and Introduction Process (NPDI) is loosely based on the “Life Cycle” process currently in use in many parts of industry. The NPDI process focuses on the identification, authorization, design, qualification, introduction, and production of new products in an expedited and adequately documented fashion. It helps you to define what is required to get the right product to market at the right price and at the right time and to support it properly throughout the process.  The NPDI Process applies to any product, including software and services, and is easily edited to include the appropriate terminology for these products. Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. offers an overview training course in the New Product Development and Introduction Process.

Course Description

The New Product Development and Introduction Process Overview course helps you to determine what is required to properly develop and introduce new products.  The course covers the six phases of the NPDI process from the initial product idea through product production.  Phase 1 is preparatory and defines how the product is conceived and included in the company’s Product Migration Plan.  Phases 2 through 6 define the development, introduction, and production process for the product.

Course Outline



         How To Use This Process

         Required Documents

         Process Application

         Program Funding

         Phase 1 – Preliminary Screening – Idea To Budgeted Program

         Phase 2 – Program Preparations

         Phase 3 – Program Specification And Evaluation

         Phase 4 – Commitment, Product Design and Readiness

         Phase 5 – Product Qualification, and Production Start-Up

         Phase 6 – Product Manufacturing Cycle


This course is available in two formats as described below.

New Product Development and Introduction Process Overview Training (Computer-Based)

The New Product Development and Introduction Process Overview Training allows you to obtain highly effective and comprehensive training on your computer (unlimited number of students).  This computer-based training is self-paced and allows the students to work through the training at their convenience without an instructor. 

The participants will be able to work at their own pace, and may take quizzes throughout the course.  Upon successful completion of the quizzes (75%), the student may print a Training Certificate.  This course is available for only $749.00, and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.  The downloadable file is in zipped format (2.133 MB).

Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 - 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)

         Flash Player 7 or higher

    1 Ghz processor (1.6 Ghz recommended)

         Windows-compatible sound card

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This New Product Development and Introduction Process Overview Training Kit was designed for small to mid-size businesses and will significantly reduce your training costs.  It includes a PowerPoint presentation, Instructor’s Manual, and exercises in MS Word format and is available for only $199.  You can familiarize yourself with the process using the computer-based training described above and teach the rest of your organization using this kit.

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