1.0 Responsibility

1.1 Purchasing and Quality share responsibility for the qualification and monitoring of suppliers.

2.0 Qualification and Rating of Suppliers

2.1 Suppliers' quality capabilities are evaluated through the use of Supplier Self-Surveys and where necessary, on-site audits, before orders for supply of materials and services are placed. The effectiveness of the suppliers' quality system shall be reviewed at intervals consistent with the complexity of the items supplied and the suppliers' performance.

2.2 Quality and delivery performance of all suppliers is continuously monitored via a supplier performance rating system and a monthly supplier performance report is distributed to all concerned functions. Suppliers with inadequate performance are asked to implement corrective actions and submit a written response. Suppliers that demonstrate inadequate performance and show no sign of improvement are removed from the Approved Supplier List and discontinued from use.

3.0 Approved Supplier List

3.1 The Quality Manager maintains an Approved Supplier List which includes all suppliers whose supplies/processes affect the quality of the products/services, and who have been surveyed/audited and have demonstrated by performance, their ability to meet the specified quality requirements. Orders may only be placed with suppliers that are on the list. Emergency purchases from suppliers that are not on the list are allowed with written permission from the Purchasing Manager and the Quality Manager. An updated Approved Supplier List is printed and distributed monthly.

3.2 A file, which includes all qualification documentation and performance records, is maintained on each supplier.

4.0 Purchasing Data

4.1 All purchasing documents are prepared by Purchasing. The documents clearly describe ordered products/services. They include precise identification of the products/services, reference applicable standards and other relevant technical data, and state quality and compliance requirements. All purchasing documents are reviewed and approved by the Purchasing Manager prior to release.

6.0 Settlement of Quality Disputes

6.1 The Quality Manager and Purchasing have the responsibility and authority to settle all disputes with suppliers regarding the quality of their material/products/services or matters such as inspection and testing methods. Open communication channels with all approved suppliers will be maintained to provide for the quick resolution of quality disputes. In the event the Quality Manager and Purchasing cannot resolve a dispute, he or she will request the assistance of the Laboratory Director. Disputes involving the rejection of material/products from a supplier shall be documented.

Order Quality Manual