This document provides an overview of the XYZ Company program for certifying and managing suppliers, a program which was designed to select, manage, and promote suppliers who can assist XYZ Company in achieving "World Class Quality" and total customer satisfaction.


This document applies to XYZ Company and to all its suppliers of inventory material and services.


XYZ Company is committed to excellence, and we recognize that excellence cannot be achieved without the cooperation and support of high quality, cost effective suppliers. We seek to continually consolidate our supplier base, form long-term partnerships, and concentrate our purchasing activities around a small number of "world class" suppliers who demonstrate:

Consistent conformance to all requirements

100% on-time, just-in-time delivery performance

Outstanding service, support, flexibility, and responsiveness

A dedication to continually making their processes and products more reliable and less costly

Continuous improvement in all areas: quality, cost, delivery, and service

To this end, XYZ Company will continually measure supplier performance, communicate information and monitor corrective action and will periodically rate a supplier's standing among our overall supplier base.


XYZ Company uses information referenced in this document to measure the performance of suppliers in the areas of quality, delivery, cost, and service. For suppliers meeting a minimum delivery lot criteria, XYZ Company's Quality and Purchasing functions will provide periodic feedback on how well they are doing and where they rank in relation to suppliers providing similar products. The rating system is a method for gauging a supplier's progress toward zero defects and 100% on-time delivery, and for identifying "world class" suppliers that XYZ Company will consider for future business and long-term partnerships. XYZ Company classifies suppliers into one of the following categories:

1. Certified: World Class

2. Preferred: Exceeds Expectations

3. Approved: Meets Expectations

4. Conditional: Conditionally Approved/Probationary


Quality is responsible for compiling the information covered in this procedure and developing from it an Approved Supplier List. XYZ Company will purchase material only from suppliers on the Approved Supplier List, with preference given to Certified and Preferred suppliers.

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