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"We received our ISO 9001:2000 certification on the first try.  The auditor actually told us that in all of the years that he has performed audits, this was the first one that had no non-conformances.  We really worked hard getting our company in order.  We appreciate your assistance."

Dale S. Westbrook, Engineering Manager

GBA-Corona, Inc.

"Your ISO 17025 Quality Manual is a comprehensive manual that has served our purposes very well.  Excellent communication and prompt delivery of manual.  Highly recommended!"

Stephen Wilson, PhD

Director Indoor Air Quality Laboratories, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Texas Tech University

"Just wanted to let you know that my company passed our ISO 9001:2000 audit and we are now certified.  Your software was a great help in getting our quality system up to speed.

Thanks again for your past efforts."

Kenneth J. Wacholz

Hy-Tech Tool & Mfg., Inc.

"Your manual has been a tremendous tool in both teaching me about ISO certification requirements and in enabling me to develop a quality manual for our company in a very short time period.

Although I have significant experience in machine shop processes, I was not certain as to what was in store for me when making the decision that our shop was to become ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Your manual has enabled me to develop a plan whereby this very large endeavor is now an extremely manageable task for our company.

I'm glad I was able to locate your company on the Internet.  Other companies I contacted who also specialize in ISO 9001 certification wanted either enormous amounts of money as down payments or would only work with us if they could come to see our facility first (at very large Consulting rates). "

Thanks again!

Joel Pollet, Executive Vice President and General Manager

Prestige Tooling Company, Inc.

"The quality system documentation that you have written for us looks very good. We were very impressed with the work you did putting it together.  You made what seemed a monumental task, manageable.  I also appreciated that you offered very good, sound advice as we were investigating ISO 9000 requirements."

Charlene Nagy

President, NCS Enterprises, L.L.C.

"I would like to personally thank you! Your ISO/IEC 17025 manual greatly helped in the smooth transition during the re-accreditation process with A2LA."

Kyle Parke, Quality Director

Stork Materials Testing & Inspection

"As the former Vice President of Purchasing and Quality for Playtex-Sara Lee Corp, I have seen a lot of different quality programs/systems.  The QSI product meets all the needs of Sara Lee Intimate Apparel Certification Program.  It is complete and user friendly.  I recommend it to any small business pursuing an ISO 9000 registration."

Alan Hall

"I have been very impressed with your ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Manual.  We are in the process of obtaining our A2LA accreditation"

Bill Marley

Quality Manager, ProTemp Mechanical, Inc.

"I have been involved with helping with QA Manuals at other companies to meet ISO 9001 and it took forever (years) to get to the point I am already at with your program.  It has also been my experience that most QA Managers are very poor writers.  I had borrowed a QA Manual from a friend's company to copy the format but even that would take a long time and it was not geared to ISO 9001. I had to change very few words in your manual to customize it for my company.  I was able to do that in about half a day. I also found that your manual was very thorough but also very flexible and did not paint us into corners that some many QA Manuals do.  I think it was one of the best investments my young company has made."

Bill Beck

President, BeckElec

"I am very satisfied with your ISO 17025 Quality Manual.  It's a very good product, and I have recommended it to others. 

I had used your ISO 9001 quality manual product and that is why I picked yours for 17025.  The ISO 9001 product was complete and very easy to use.  I always enjoy using items that perform better than advertised."

Roger Zimmerman, VP Engineering & Operations 


"The ISO 9001 Quality Manual for Medical Devices is exactly what we needed and then some.  It is very well written and virtually bug-free so we have been able to make immediate use of the material.  Thank you very much."

Peter Brownhill

President & CEO, Nexma Technologies

"We received our  ISO 17025 accreditation - NQA Cert #11231.  The documentation had no issues - as a matter of fact, we received many compliments for our procedures & manual.  Thanks for the jump-start in setting it up!"

Jim Mueller, Quality Manager

Team Torque, Inc.

"I am very satisfied with the Internal Auditor training that your company conducted at our facility.  The course was exactly what I needed from a basic course, and the instructor did a very good job."

Edward C. Kurz

PD-LD, Inc.

"We thought that the training was thorough and clear.  We are very confident we have the tools needed to properly audit our facility.  The instructor was very clear and concise.  He seemed interested in our business and made sure we were comfortable and understanding of all aspects of the program.  I was somewhat skeptical of phone-line training but the whole process worked very well. We were able to work at our own pace and I would recommend this format.  As an alternative to more costly, longer training methods, I feel your program was absolutely worthwhile.  I would highly recommend your services. Thanks for the help!"

Tom Compton

President, Compton Tape & Label

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