Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management Program will allow you to gain control of your suppliers quickly and at a reasonable cost. This is particularly important when you initiate outsourcing and Just in Time (JIT) Procurement. You will find that your defect rates and costs are reduced to a minimum, and follow-up time will be minimal.

Vendor Management for Small Business

Limited resources and incomplete knowledge prevent many small businesses from establishing management systems for their supply base. Part of the problem is not knowing what is really required. Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. can help. We offer a full range of ISO 9000 and supplier management consulting services for your business and your suppliers. Indeed, we are prepared to help you implement your system in manageable steps as your need and budget may dictate. As always, our commitment is to provide only what you need at a price you can afford.

How do we do it? We have developed a Supplier Certification and Management Program which is easily customized for small to medium size businesses in a broad range of industries and services. We have eliminated the bureaucratic approach commonly found in many large organizations. We make extensive use of questionnaires, e-mail, and virtual consulting. On-site visits will be made when required, but are not necessary for most clients. We have pre-written manuals, procedures, and forms which we customize for each organization.  Our quality systems are sensible and flexible and an excellent fit in today's continuously changing business environment.


Vendor management training will assure you receive maximum benefit from your system. We will analyze your needs and recommend a training program for your specific situation. One option is virtual consulting in which our trainer meets with your trainees via the internet. We will develop the syllabus and provide training materials. We will also recommend or offer the training material should you choose to do your own training. Our commitment is to provide what and only what you need at an affordable price.


Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. offers a full range of vendor management consulting services for small to medium size businesses. Our approach to these services is to meet your needs in the most cost effective way. This includes conference calls, e-mail, virtual consulting on the net, and/or on-site visits.

We have worked with many small to medium size companies. You will get the attention you deserve at a price you can afford.

At Quality Systems Innovations, Inc., you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site on vendor management.

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